About Lifesbox - Custom Prefab Modular Manufacturer
Founded in 1988

With years of experience working in Australia and Japan since 1988, the founders established the Lifesbox factory, and production began in April of the same year. Our Chonburi facility comprises of approximately 246,000 square feet of manufacturing area, which is located on 44 acres. The goal of Lifesbox is to consistently help our clients save costs and optimize benefits, while still meeting the increasing demands of our customers.

Moving into the Future

Lifesbox has been manufacturing custom modular buildings, modular hotels, modular convenient stores, modular accommodations, modular offices, and modular healthcare facilities for more than 20 years. The company has seen many transformations along the way. With the revolution in technologies, obtainable materials, and controllable construction processes, we have been using the best resources available to meet our valued customers’ needs and continue moving forward.
Today we are able to offer world-class products in the global arena with our strong commitment to our customers. We never ignore any problems or weaknesses in order to maintain and increase the quality of our products.

Why Lifesbox's Modular Steel Buildings?

Our high quality and adaptable modular building system is a proven world standard.
Custom Modular buildings are an all-in-one modern housing solution. Just inform us what style of home you want and Lifesbox can take all steps necessary to deliver it to you.

  • Prefab modular homes save you time when compared to traditional systems for housing by up to 80%.
  • Materials used are more robust and durable to changes in environmental conditions, ensuring that there will be no harm to the residents or the environment.
  • Quality in our modular homes is assured because every step of the production process has been controlled by our commitment to international standards.
  • We will not increase the budget once a project has begun.
  • Houses can be built on any terrain.
  • Our housing solutions are movable, allowing them to be relocated quickly and easily.

Lifesbox, a custom prefab-modular-building manufacturer in Thailand, welcomes developers to visit our factories. You can see how the modular homes are built or how you can even save more on operational costs if you move your production base to Thailand. LifesBox.com will give you the essential reasons for why Thailand is the right place. We offer:
  1. Skilled workforce, low costs
  2. High quality raw materials
  3. Full transportation system support
  4. Machinery that meets high standards
  5. and even save more

Do you want to see pictures of our completed buildings?
Visit Lifesbox's completed projects here.

Are you a real estate or property developer?

We can efficiently coordinate with your engineering team for your entire modular project, deal architecture, concern state approvals, customize your building plans to the optimal modular solution, manage manufacturing and interior design, as well as organize insured transportation and installation.
Contactus and we can customize traditional construction concepts to meet any design preference beyond a various range of modular construction sectors such as:

  • Modular Homes
  • Modular Hotels, Villa, and Boutique Hotels
  • Modular Offices
  • Modular Staff Accommodations (Camps)
  • Modular Convenience Stores
  • Modular Guesthouses and Serviced Apartments

Are you bidding for a state or federal government job?
We serve federal and state agency modular home needs worldwide. Let us show you how to win every prevailing wage bid you make by using modular home construction. We can customize a sub-bid package that includes project-specific plans for your prime contractor bid on any government prefab job. Email our government bid specialist or call us at (+66) 2721 3544.
Do you want to design a custom modular building?

Lifesbox's expert engineering team can help bring your custom requirements into being. Click to see our recent design portfolio.

Lifesbox always commits to making high-quality green modular buildings for those left behind by high prices and poor stick-built construction methods. We look forward to working with you to build a beautiful home. Please contactLifesbox today.

LifesBox encourages you to tour our factories to become confident about how you can trust our high standards in the production line and the quality of our finished products. You will be impressed to see the massive machinery that is used to build a perfectly square modular home and then move it through the stages of operation until completion.

If you are interested in a site survey in Thailand, please kindly contactLifesbox by informing us about your requirements. We gladly offer you assistance in discovering and realizing your prefabricated building solution. Our hope is to exceed your expectations about prefabricated building solutions.

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